The Karate Kid – Raleigh Supercon

So if you’re like us, when you saw that Raleigh Supercon had added a “Karate Kid” reunion to its schedule, your first question was, “What does Karate Kid have to do with science fiction?” And the answer is … we still don’t know. But hey, if professional wrestling gets a seat at the fan table, why not another one of the most iconic pop culture franchises of the 1980s?

Besides, when we were checking to see if the three main guests, Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Martin Kove were in any major scifi pieces we didn’t know about, we found out some fun and interesting things.

First off, it’s no accident that Karate Kid is getting so much attention; Macchio and Zabka are co-executive producers on “Cobra Kai”, a new YouTube Red series that is a continuation of the movie, picking up 34 years later with the … somewhat interesting notion that it was Daniel, not Johnny, that was actually the bully in the original, turning this writer’s adolescence, at least, on its head.

Second, while Macchio and Zabka don’t have much in the way of scifi cred, Martin Kove, who was Johnny’s sadistic sensei, has an impressive fifteen — that’s fifteen!!! — upcoming projects, but he was also the star of the late lamented TV show, “Hard Time on Planet Earth”.

So if you’re a child of the 80’s, go ahead and enter Supercon’s “Karate Kid” contest — the winner gets a “Karate Kid Meet and Greet”, which apparently consists of 2 three-day weekend passes to the con (currently sold out), an autograph each with Macchio, Zabka, and Kove, and a group photo-op with all three.

And don’t forget, we’ll be at Supercon, and we want to see you there!

The Karate Kid – Raleigh Supercon

Meet the stars from the iconic 80’s classic The Karate Kid & the Hit YouTube Red series Cobra Kai at Raleigh Supercon! Ralph Macchio, William Read More …


(Originally posted 2018-07-08 19:32:01)