Will This Be Star Wars Overkill?

Will This Be Star Wars Overkill?

Neil Calloway isn’t looking forward to the newly announced Star Wars films… The Star Wars juggernaut continues apace. We have the final film in the sequel trilogy to come, and possibly endless Anthology movies – depending on how well Solo does, I’m sure we’ll get the Boss Nass movie we’v…


(Originally posted 2018-02-12 01:33:59)

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  1. We’re not going to be getting more than 1 movie a year, so there’s no worry about seeing to many movies with Stormtroopers each year. Plus it talks about the issues of introducing new sets of characters, that’s what just about every movie has done. Every movie has introduced new characters and it’s been fine. Personally I have no problem with a movie a year, especially when we are looking at alternating years between trillogies and anthology stories.

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