9 Replies to “Ridley Scott Doesn’t See Why ‘Alien’ Can’t Be as Big as ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Trek’”

  1. It’s not as big for several reasons.

    1: The movies are very limited in scope. Typically they take place in a confined area or to a limited number of people. There’s not been any attempt to have multiple plot lines in multiple locations.

    Everyone dies: It’s hard to have a grand story when you keep killing off the main characters. Sure one or two survive here and there, but aside from Ripley, no one has lasted more than 2 movies.

    Wrong audience: The Alien movies have been made and marketed as horror movies. Star Trek and Star Wars are Sci-fi. They very nature makes for a different style of filming.

    If he wants to make the Alien franchise as big as Star Trek or Star Wars, then he needs to cut down on the characters he kills, gives us a grand story line, and create an entire ‘universe’ and not just pieces strung together. Make it big, grandiose, with larger than life characters.

  2. It’s a super dark and depressing fiction that leaves no hope for the future beyond corporate greed and death.

  3. Because like anything eles. $$$……………..“Duhhh.”
    There are better stories then bolth but you dont see them. Why? $+ effort

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