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Here at Scifi Imaginarium, our Head Honcho is a serious Christmas junkie. No, really, it’s crazy. Some years the company tree is still up on Valentine’s Day. One year there was talk about just leaving it up all year and just changing out the decorations to fit the holiday. (Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and it was down before Easter.)

So you can imagine that we try to put up the Christmas decorations in November, so we can light them up Thanksgiving evening. It has recently come to our attention, however, that not everyone does that. Some people actually wait until just before Christmas, then take everything down in early January. Imagine that!

Seems kind of crazy to us, but in case you know somebody in that boat — or in case you’re one of those people (also our Head Honcho) that loads up on new decorations right after the holiday, getting ready for next year — we thought we would suggest some decorations from Think Geek, including a downed AT-AT lawn ornament, a lighted TARDIS, and R2-D2 luminaria.

You can also find a whole bunch more at the site ( and as always your purchases help support Scifi Imaginarium, and we thank you!

Scifi Imaginarium


(Originally posted 2017-12-17 01:36:21)