BioPop Dino Sphere


What’s more science fiction than globe filled with water and living creatures that glow when you swirl them around? Nothing we can think of. So today’s Gift of the Day is the BioPip Dino Sphere, which absorbs sunlight during the day, then emits light when jostled at night. (You can also get it in a dinosaur shape (

When you buy it you get the glass sphere and a coupon for the actual dinoflagellates and their food, which get shipped at no cost. Just make sure you don’t freeze or bake them, and they’ll gradually grow and get even more bright as time goes on.

Or, if you want something more tangible (or at least more visible) you can opt for the Ecosphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem (, which includes actual visible shrimp, along with everything the ecosystem needs to survive long-term, no feeding or water changes required. (Just give it light so algae grows; the shrimp eat that.)

As always, a tiny portion of your purchase goes to support Scifi Imaginarium, and we thank you for your support!

BioPop Dino Sphere

The DinoSphere is a living, glowing orb. The sphere contains thousands of tiny single cell algae called dinoflagellates. These “dinos” use light to grow and produce a soothing blue light when swirled at night. Now you can enjoy the beauty of natural bioluminescence from the comfort of your own h…


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  1. We couldn’t add more than one photo, but you’ve probably seen these plankton like this…

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