SciFi Imaginarium Holiday Wishlist Gift(s) of the Day

Today rather than picking a single gift, we’ve been pointed to a HUGE sale from Entertainment Earth. They’ve got lots of awesome stuff at a variety of price ranges, but until midnight tonight they are running some MONSTER sales on cool stuff, like an exclusive limited edition Batman statue that’s normally $79.99 for $19.99, a Star Trek:TOS Enterprise Monitor Bobble that’s normally $11.99 for $1.99, and a Deluxe Negan Action Figure (that’s what it’s called but it looks more like a collectible to us) down from $32.99 to $19.99. (After midnight this link will bring you to their Cyber Monday sale, which runs to Tuesday, so don’t worry if you missed it.)

They’ve got a ton of stuff, and as always with these deals, a very small percentage of your purchase goes to support Scifi Imaginarium.

We’ll see you tomorrow!


(Originally posted 2017-11-26 21:03:00)