The midseason finale of Star Trek: Discovery will have you on the edge of your seat

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The midseason finale of Star Trek: Discovery will have you on the edge of your seat

Here we are, at the midseason finale of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. It feels like this season has flown by, and yet when I reflect on it, the writers and actors have done an incredible job developing their characters. I’m emotionally engaged in this narrative and in the people in a way…


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  1. I think everyone who has seen this episode knows EXACTLY where they are…Cue a version of Saru with a beard!

  2. Get your eyes and mind checked if you didn’t like the first season of Discovery. Granted, the ship’s tech and story didn’t jive with original Star Trek, but it was more realistic. The whole production was excellent. Can’t wait for season 2.

    And Michael Burnham is a hero.

  3. Bet all of you homophobes weren’t complaining when Dax kissed that female scientist in Rejoined!!!

  4. I turned off after yet more potential gay scenes, why must this now be in every program and show… I have no problem gay people or their lifestyle but why must it be shoved down our viewing throats every five minutes????

  5. Im really loving this show. It has grown on me. Its gritty and what the other shows should of been like. Or am i watching a different show here

  6. Not liking it because of a 10 second kiss is a copout and really ridiculous. Shortsided even.

  7. Yes it did. Best episode yet – a truly unique battle, a more noble side of Lorca, plus a few questions answered and even more new quesrions asked. 🙂

  8. Less than .01 percent of 1 percent are gay. Why cram it down our throats? It will eventually backfire on the gay community. Its hard enough to live as a gay person without this fallacy that we need to mainstream every tv show to get results in the struggle!

  9. I wonder what kind of impact Kirk and Uhuras kiss would have made on social media ? Err people kissing. Dear God, their colours don’t match !! Why am I watching this ?? Well, it’s a character driven sci-fi show and always has been. Loving it.


  11. Yes even the new tv show Orville has to have it’s gayness, all people does not want to see their mental problems.

  12. First gay kiss in Star Trek! Wasn’t the first multi race kiss also glorified as well as the hetro scenes “that happen so often you probably don’t even notice”

  13. This has been the best thing to happen to Star Trek since Voyager. Brilliant season thus far.

  14. The kiss wasn’t even an event in my eyes it just happened I never really even contemplated it till I saw this click bait…the finale was epic I can’t wait till January

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