23 Replies to “Stranger Things creators acknowledge ‘annoying’ episode”

  1. I watch because my husband forces me to! I hate this show….hate it! Take everything from every 80s movie and put it in a blender. Oh look a squishy animal in a trash can…..sure makes sense. I know the hate will fly……HATE HATE HATE IT. I’m going to go watch Punisher…..million times better. In the end to each their own…..😉😇 Boy I love my hubby.

  2. I think the problem was they full-stopped the A story line right at the crucial moment to go do this B story. If they had just let this be part of the episode and continued with the A story too then I don’t think people would have disliked it so much. I wasn’t annoyed by it but I feel like I could have skipped it and not missed any plot. I felt like it was filler. I know they were trying for something profound for Eleven but it didn’t really work. Frankly Max and her brother felt like filler too.

  3. I didnt mind the episode at all I thought it was quite a good story to show Elevens path and her finding her real home. I did think and agree its a very odd place in the series to suddenly go and put in basically filler. I dont really know what the big deal is with the episode though.

  4. It gave her the courage in the end…but it was a little drawn out. I do like the story line though but needs its own space to expand.

  5. I loved this episode. It was fun, and sets up thebfuture of the franchise. It expands elevens character, and shows where the others might be. What’s wrong with this episode? Someone explain this to me I’m confused.

  6. It was a great episode, not only did it show some back story, but it also featured the song Dead End Justice by The Runaways.

  7. I liked that episode but ir abruptly interrupted the flow. And the gabg were a bit cliche but it was 7 through 10 where S2 actually had some dramatic chops in what was a very weak season 2

  8. Hopper told Eleven to go into the world.
    She had to, in order to find out where home really was.
    And to learn the old family/friends lesson.

  9. I like the episode and I feel it was extremely crucial to the series going forward. You need an episode like that to make this series unique. The whole eighties small town is great, but you’ve got to get something from outside Hawkins at some point and screw this whole thing up. That episode is going to be the one the Duffers can go back to and get the most for season 3!

  10. It was useful to catch up with the lives of others in the facility. How they’re having to use their powers to survive, institutionalised. But in the wider scheme of things, I’d rather have stayed in the sleepy Spielberg town of Hawkins.

  11. Nothing wrong with it, IT was something had to be addressed and it opened New possibilities, 8 was a more focused character and kind of more stable then 11. Hopefully 8 will be back in season three……show cant be based in Hawkins all the time, because like the eighties times change, nineties is my time. Great show end off

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