25 Replies to “RUMOR: Jake Gyllenhaal Really Wants To Play BATMAN, But Studio Not Keen On Him”

  1. He is a solid actor but I don’t see him as the bat. I said that about Ben tho and I really like his Bat

  2. I wanna make a Ledger was the Joker, Brokeback mountain joke about Gyllenhaal being the Bat-tam SOOO BAD. But seriously (Butt srsly?) Gyllenhal would make AN AMAZING BAT-TAM. Or Joker, either one.

  3. He is too small. Nightcrawler movie was FANTASTIC though …That being said, I wouldnt be surprised if he pulled off a good Batman . But I just can’t see it happening .

  4. watch Southpaw. Then tell me he’d be bad Bateman. Sorry, BATMAN. Not Bateman. Last thing we need is Gyllenhall screwing up Terrible Bosses 3.
    BUTT srsly, Gyllenhaal or Miles Teller as the NEXT BATMAN PLEASE. Not that I dislike Ben RoethFleckberger as BM. RoethFleckberger is my FAVORITE BATMAN YET!!!

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