25 Replies to “No more Marvel TV shows for Netflix”

  1. No surprise here.
    I told my group that when Disney failed to buy Netflix and their streaming service was just a rumor 😎

  2. The Netflix Marvel shows aren’t going anywhere. They are aimed at an adult audience. Disney will focus on the kids. That’s why they are pulling Star Wars and the MCU movies which are kid friendly. Netflix has a multi year deal with Disney to develop Daredevil and it’s spin off series. After that expires, then all bets are off.

  3. Well I guess I’ll be bootlegging this stuff in the future. I enjoyed it when it was a part of Netflix but I won’t get the Mouse just for this.

  4. They move these shows I’m going to pirate the hell out of them. I’m not paying for ANOTHER streaming service.

  5. Oh great that just leaves us with Amy schemer stand up. Damnit Netflix you’re making the children cry.

  6. Netflix is probably the source of the least pirated TV/movie content out there. Everyone has it. But starting your own service? Just forget it Disney. Netflix has already won the streaming war, so prepare to have your shows torrented because no one wants to pay for multiple streaming services, and Netflix (even without Disney content) is here to stay.

  7. Well, these series were barely watchable. (Although still slightly better than most of the garbage on Netflix.) So whatever. Disney can stick them wherever it wants to.

  8. I thought they were great. Daredevil especially, they did some great things tying the shows together with the character of Claire. Some excellent acting!

  9. Disney just had to get even more greedy. All these separate pay to stream services that each content provider is putting out will fail. Make it too difficult or expensive to get content and people will pirate.

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