9 Replies to “‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ Review: The Best MCU Series Ever Made. Really.”

  1. Alex Therrien Alex Beaumont Marc-Antoine Létourneau Dave Duperré Michael Dial Gary Noel Dominic Simard Hugo Larouche

  2. #1- This isn’t MCU. No TV show or Netflix show has ever even been referenced by the MCU.
    #2 – Jon Sssshhhhaaayyynnnee Bernthal is a terrible hick of an actor. He plays Shayne in every role, and it’s as tiresome as it is lame. A modern Will Smith.
    #3 – The entire premise of the Punisher existing *Only* because the legal system was absolutely corrupt, and of the Punisher knowing he shouldn’t need to exist, has been completely ignored. This series will likely appeal to the NRA and yokels, despite the fact that – as seen directly in the rest of Netflix series’ – there are good lawyers, good judges and good policemen(and women). The Punisher literally has no reason to exist in the Netflix world other than to attempt to cash in the wet dreams of cousin-loving rednecks everywhere.

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