7 Replies to “Marvel Was Worried The MCU Would Collapse If THOR Failed”

  1. Mcu prob gonna be strong till infinity war…i cant see it maintaining its performance beyond esp if a lot of the fav characters are replaced afterwards in the film schedule

  2. Terrible movie. A waste of time. THOR ? Ffs. He needs more workouts, to catch up with, ‘The Hulk’. If we’re to be true fans of the comic era, instead of, *sappy* mainstream ones. The plot has been definitely *LOST*.

  3. I wouldnt say Ragnarok is the best Thor movie. The originalThor movie was brilliant though so well done.

  4. First one was meh, 2nd one was terrible by MCU standards, but a decent flick in it’s own right. Rag was PERFECT as far as Thor films go and def held it’s own against ALL the MCU flicks so far. Also…the MCU wouldn’t have failed if Rag failed…lol. Click bait crap.

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