12 Replies to “Kevin Smith Gives His Final Verdict Of Justice League”

  1. It’s not nearly as bad as the early reviews made it out too be. But i did find it rather anti climatic.

  2. It will probably do better on DVD. One of several big problems with it is Steppenwolf was not an engaging villain and it didn’t need the League to defeat him once Superman was up and around. Also, it was no surprise that Superman is up and around

  3. It would have been better if Darkseid was the villian, but we all know why they couldn’t do that.

  4. I thought it was good not the “biggest” superhero movie ever that the trailers and adverts made it out to be. Its not nearly as bad as the reviews but far better than Batman V Superman in my opinion. Im not a Zack Snyder fan though. I dont like his directing style really.

  5. Why is Kevin Smith’s opinion still relevant?
    I mean, honestly, when was the last time he made a film so good that his opinions on others movies actually matters?

  6. Was it a good idea to have this movie contradict the TV series, such as Bruce Wayne getting Barry Allen his job as an CSI? Having 2 DC universes not complementing each other has got to divide the audience.

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