10 Replies to “Justice League Is Already Under Fire For an Extremely Disappointing Reason”

  1. This is a total shame. They looked absolutely kickass in Wonder Woman, and their armour actually looked like Greek Hoplite armour. Those were iconic costumes, instantly memorable and practical while looking good. There was no need to change them, and every reason not to. Why would a warrior nation trade in their actual armour for a glorified leather bikini looking straight out of a bad B-movie? In what world is that a logical decision? This was a needless change, probably made just for the sake of making a change, and it’s telling (not to mention extremely disappointing) that the moment it was a man designing the costumes, they went for scanty outfits and sex appeal over an iconic, practical design fans actually liked. I hope this backlash makes DC take note and future DCEU entries don’t force the Themyscirans to fight in glorified swimwear.

  2. Only fat feminists think this is a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with a woman looking good and kicking butt

  3. No controversy here except for those who spend all day trying to find something to complain about.

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