24 Replies to “‘Justice League’: DCEU in Trouble After Low Domestic Box Office Opening | THR News”

  1. personally for me, all the negative crap talk and media speculation did that….i’ll be watching this film, no critic is going to take that away from me

  2. Haven’t seen it but it unfortunately has the looks of Superman v Batman to it. I’ll grit my teeth and dare it someday but it won’t be in theaters.

  3. It’s better than most X-men films. Or as they should be called, ‘Wolverine and Friends’.

  4. I’m going and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. I enjoyed batman versus superman despite the critics efforts to derail it.

  5. DC is a horrible company , with too many past exploitations of artists a creators. They deserve some Karma payback.

  6. I loved it. I was very surprised at the low number of people in the movie theater when I went. The story is entertaining and its overall execution was good. The only gripe I had was the CGI for Steppenwolf. I really felt that they could have done this better. I compare it to Marvel’s Hulk CGI and it clearly is the better of the 2.

  7. It’ll go up as more people see it and recommend it. It’s a great movie. Everyone I know who saw it love it!

  8. I think Warner brothers could make some of that money back by rereleasing the movie in a month or so with the full 2 and a half hour cut.

  9. Proof positive, critics are friggin idiots! They have no idea what a good movie is! Was this the best movie ever made? No. Was this a major artistic statement? No. Was this a great fun time at the movies? Hell to the yes! Did this set out to be anything other than a good comic book story well told with striking visuals and great set pieces? No. What it did set out to be was a good time at the flicks! Did it achieve that? In spades. Compare this to the critics darling, bladerunner 20 whatever the hell, and i know which film i will be watching again! Thanks for that by the way, critics. 3 hrs of my life i will never get back because you claimed that turgid crap was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Should have been renamed snoozerunner! Do yourselves a favour, get out there and give Justice League a go. Throw caution to the wind and suspend your disbelief and just enjoy it.

  10. Not surprised it’s DC. It’s got no story. Characters are badly written. Don’t get me wrong I’m a film buff and watch most if not all films bad and good. This was not great.

  11. has an also-ran second rate villain. Aquaman looks like a soggy biker and quips “My Man!” out of context. The Flash’s costume seems to be made out of post-it-notes. Batman is a punching bag for everyone. Thor makes half a billion and this rakes in $96 million, yeah, that’s a big fail!!

  12. Well, I’ve seen it and really don’t understand what the critics are looking for. It’s got excitement, humour, the back stories of Flash and Cyborg, a glimpse of things to come in the next film…and I’d better not say more EXCEPT don’t miss the 2 films in the credits, and of course one is right at the end. It’s well worth a watch, it’s better than BvS.

  13. I’ll watch it in the next week or 2 it was to close to thor for me to go see. Big movies like that should not be released so close to each other it’s just asking for a lower turn out than expected.

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