24 Replies to “Jason Momoa: The Crow Reboot Production Starting Soon”

  1. Jason Momoa is cool, but I don’t like the idea of replacing Brandon Lee. The Crow is an original classic. I’ve read graphic novels of the Crow. The Eric Draven character is just one of many Crow characters. They should just pick a different one for Jason Momoa .

  2. A lot of the younger crowd have no idea who Brandon Lee was or that he is no longer living. People don’t re-boot this classic. Leave it alone!

  3. Happy for the reboot.

    I have the original graphic novels. I love the original movie.

    Still excited for the reboot. It could be great. I hope it is.

  4. The original Crow film was a success because of a dozen factors that can’t be replicated. Momoa would be as good a choice as possible, and it is likely to still fail.

  5. If I was writing a reboot, superstition would tell me not to include any scenes involving guns

  6. Im not really one to be against reboots in most cases but just for respect reasons they should just leave this one alone.His father died on set amd then years later he dies filming a movie around death and incarnation.Definitely should be left alone,it was good enough as it was

  7. “The Crow” is not one character with one story line. It is many characters, many story lines, but similar circumstances.
    Why do we need to reboot? Let Brandon Lee remain “Eric Draven” and move on to another one of their characters!

  8. I’m trying to picture Jason Mamoa as the Crow while also picturing Brandon Lee as the Crow and I’m just basically trying to wonder just how that they are going to pull off having Mamoa as the Crow when everyone including myself are so used to the original that has Brandon Lee as the Crow since that was unfortunately his last role that he was in until he died while the Crow was in production.

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