How Can We Make Star Trek Discovery Canon?

But do we really want to?

How Can We Make Star Trek Discovery Canon?

Star Trek: Discovery’s midseason cliffhanger has come and gone, and Trekkies are left with more questions than ever. Star Trek fans have fought an ongoing war about what’s canon and what’s not for decades. Discovery is just the latest battlefront when it comes to retconning, changing, or ignoring Tr…


(Originally posted 2017-11-25 20:16:27)

8 Replies to “How Can We Make Star Trek Discovery Canon?”

  1. By collapsing it inside a quantum singularity, where we “discover” the whole thing was just a poorly produced holonovel in Quark’s Bar.

  2. If they wanted to include so much non-canon material, then they should have placed it in the post-Voyager era instead of pre-TOS. How did the UFP forget so much neato stuff between STD and TOS? While STD may be entertaining, it is NOT canon and I cannot see a sensible way to make it so.

  3. They’ve explained away how the Klingons looked human, and again how Klingons appeared on Earth before humans were even supposed to know of their existence, so I’m sure they’ve already worked out this one and will explain it in season 2 or something. Apart from that, love the show anyway.

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