24 Replies to “Gal Gadot Won’t Star In Wonder Woman 2 If Brett Ratner Is Involved”

  1. Real Life Wonder Woman!!! This is Epic if you consider the massive shift this represents. 😍😍😍😍

  2. Why would he be? Patty Jenkins is signed to direct. And he already had Hugh Hefner movie cancelled.

  3. This is what I call “safe activism” Brett is not involved in the next wonder woman nor was he going to be.

    Gal Gadot has absolutely nothing to lose by saying this and false publicly to gain.

    She use to be in the fashion industry. Im sure she knows some of the dark dealings in that world. Lets hear some names Gal or is yoir career too precious…

  4. It may or may not be true. She’s all over the planet promoting JL with Ben Affleck. Scumbags don’t bother her.

  5. Why the hell would we want the man who directed X-Men 3 involved in making Wonder Woman 2 anyway? Hellz no

  6. Meet the next straight to TV actress. Not because of what she said but because D. C. movies are crap

  7. Well I want Gal Gadot! It’s very easy to replace white collar workers. Bye bye Brett.

  8. Better do as Gal asks! She is one of the most beautiful woman that God has ever created. Plus a very talented actress. No Gal, don’t bother making Wonder Woman 2

  9. Why wonder women? I believe she should be changed to a bloke for 2nd film! Or perhaps a transgender small person

  10. Brett Shatner was not going to direct the second one.
    And Gal is absolutely replaceable.lol.

    And the insults begin in 3…2..1.

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