9 Replies to “First Justice League reactions land on Twitter: “perfectly fine,” “entertaining enough””

  1. Most Critics live to find flaws, that’s why they’re called Critics. Don’t be drones and believe what any Critic says. Be your own Critic.

  2. Doesnt need to be more than ok aslong as it turns profit. If so then prepare yourselves for overhyped shiney beings in plot-flawed slow motion leaping 2!

  3. Critics are calling Justice League “acceptable,” “watchable,” “better than merely tolerable”
    Rolling Stones calls it “the might-as-well-see movie of the year”
    In theaters everywhere, just not on their biggest screens

  4. I’m looking forward to this, will it be the greatest film ever, hope so, but realistically, probably not.
    Will still be fun I’m sure.

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