16 Replies to “Enough Justice League Footage Was Cut To Make A Second Movie”

  1. More proof it was a very bad idea to make them cuts in the first place and WB made a loss on that movie as a result , they should have left it alone and then it would have done much better .

  2. I’m amazed at how terribly this movie was handled by everyone in charge of its production. If you have close to three hours of footage and you’re still unable to tell a focused story then you’re doing WAY too much all at once.

    No doubt the cut footage was probably some reshot scenes on top of extra scenes that probably didn’t add to the story. I’m sure if Joss Whedon hadn’t come in to do some editing and retakes this movie might have been twice the mess BvS was.

  3. Oh goodness me. It’ll be fine when it all comes out of the wash. Maybe not billion dollar numbers, but with it faring well overseas already, they’ll make it out ok.

  4. the teaser (fb newsfeed) i see 2 or 3 scene but in the movie here there are none…is it that cut* ???

  5. How about an EXTENDED version for streaming or DVD? Nothing I enjoy more than getting bonus footage.

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