14 Replies to “Dark Universe: The Undignified Death of a Cinematic Universe”

  1. I wasn’t expecting much from the new mummy movie. It was entertaining but the version of the mummy we got was not all that interesting or even compelling as a villain. The original mummy trilogy had a lot more character and was far more enjoyable overall. I still count those as some of my favorite horror/adventure films.

    It’s too bad the plans for a shared universal monsters cinematic universe wasn’t better thought out. They really could have had something going there! I had thought that Dracula Untold was the set up for that universe. It left us wanting to know what happens next especially at the end. I hope they do resurrect the idea for it! If it’s handled properly I think it could be a great franchise!

  2. Dracula Untold was far superior to The Mummy. They should have used it to launch the shared universe.

  3. The Mummy didn’t have much to surprise people. Was it enjoyable? Yes. Did the film show potential for the Dark Universe franchise? Yes. Should The Mummy however be the first in the Dark Universe Franchise? No. That was a bad move in my opinion. I loved the original Mummy movies and this movie was made to soon and was not completely necessary. While I did see potential, it was not a smart start

  4. The Mummy was a solid film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As usual the critics ruined the success of another decent movie. I didn’t see it in the theater because of the reviews. For me, the critics are wrong most of the time. Most have lost their ability to enjoy movies. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece to be enjoyable.

  5. That movie sucked! How much longer are people going to buy into tom Cruise as a action star anyway?

  6. But… it isn’t a “cinematic universe.”
    They just said it was a cinematic universe before they even finished filming one movie.
    I’d like to think their hubris and presumptuousness played a part in their failure.

  7. Had Universal employed better/serious film makers and not a team of movie spaffing producers with a hard on for CG and mincing up a script, they may of laid down a decent foundation and nailed the appropriate tone. Classic case of too many cooks.

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