12 Replies to “Damon Lindelof on Why We Need a New ‘Watchmen’ Now: ‘What We Think About Superheroes is Wrong’”

  1. Dn, right? If the industry can just poop out a new Spidey or Batman reboot ( repoop? ) every few years, why not Watchmen?
    ……except, of course, we don’t need a new one….! How about a Tom Strong or a Promethea?

  2. I would have no problem. I just don’t think DL should be writing it. Or anything else really.

  3. “Need” is absolutely the wrong word. This story shone in a sea of mediocrity getting close to 40 years ago, but its done. It’s over. For the love of god, I know we can’t stop people making remakes, but we can at least pray they choose a story that hasn’t been done in the film medium before.

  4. So the watchmen had a character that could manipulate matter in any way thinkable and still there was crime, what is so important about the right to commit crimes that murder is preferable to stopping murder?.

  5. God. Enough with people wearing their underpants outside their trousers. Superhero moves are now like westerns. Done. Cartoons for adults who never grew up. Just nonsense.

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