8 Replies to “Could CBS All Access Survive Without Star Trek: Discovery?”

  1. Yes of course they can. The market will bear a huge debt for this corporation since they have a cash flow and only need %10 capitol backing for any future endevour. It’s called reserve banking and it’s a sure fire way to ensure the sunk ship is always afloat.

  2. STD made it reach escape velocity, but there are some decent shows… Without Star Trek to get it going, CBSAA wouldn’t exist right now.

  3. Having access to the entire run of Hawaii five 0 (both shows) Perry Mason and many others makes that a big yes.

  4. Shouldn’t have started on CBS all access.
    All other Star Treks were on a network, FREE!!
    It would be a lot more bigger and successful if this would have been.
    I don’t hear to much about it because of this.

  5. During my trial membership I was shocked to discover not a single episode of Elementary. But I did binge watch Star Trek Discovery and the show is very good.

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