25 Replies to “Can Someone Please Explain To ‘The Walking Dead’ How Guns Work?”

  1. looked like she had 5~10 magazines in that carrier…how the hell did she go through all of that in what 5 mins of screen time?

  2. Worst episode ever this wk. I believe the gun fights in the A-team more than I believed that car chase.

  3. I couldn’t believe the how impotent the M2 was . I have seen vids on M2s and they have enormous stopping power , Rick and his Jeep would have been torn apart . The sound of the guns sound crap as well .

  4. I gave up watching this show since the end of season 4 !
    It got repetitive and we all know the only monsters on the show were not the zombies.

  5. It was not a great episode. It was one of the most godawfully directed episodes of the entire series. Not only were the guns the problem, but the logic and direction of what the characters were doing. It was a mess and all over the place.

  6. That is about as bad as seeing bullets hit vehicles and not showing immediate damage only sparks. That garbage is reminiscent of the 70s show The A Team. That AK would have spun her in a circle on full auto. Nothing like holding a little rocket motor in your hands. And that M2 50 cal, would have made spare parts out of that jeep and the driver in to a pack of meaty bites.

  7. I can live without all the recoil when they shoots guns. I can make that leap.

    BUT what really got me and my wife in last Sunday’s show. Was the lack of breaking glass from putting bullets into cars and the windows of those cars never getting shot out.

    Specific moment. When Carol is hiding behind the car and 4 guys with guns blaze it up. The side window glass totally survives.

  8. It’s called “ suspension of disbelief”. Enjoy the book or movie without picking it apart.

  9. I wondered how there was a fire fight with hundreds of rounds being spent, yet not a single brass casing ejected or was visible on the ground.

  10. Haven’t bothered watching this joke/show , from all if your comments I’m glad I haven’t wasted my time !

  11. I know it’s not part of this discussion, but I thought the tiger scene was by far the most ridiculous. What animal in the known universe is going to just lay down, and let something bite it. Bring Negan back and save this show from terrible fx and poor attention to detail.

  12. Same thing was happening on the show Blindspot. I just had to stop watching because it was driving me crazy.

  13. A “Ma Deuce” would have ripped the crap outta that jeep. Yeah the weapons master on the show should at least drop a hint to someone about how their weapons work.

  14. And where the thousands of rounds of ammo (except in rare episodes like last season where Rick couldn’t spare one bullet to mercy kill one of Neigen’s victims, who was slowly dying by being hung from the neck) miraculously come from, as if each gun had an unlimited supply of it (and unlimited magazine capacity).

  15. It’s been happening in shows for years….. didn’t think people were that dumb not to notice why they do this.

  16. There was a time the series was pretty accurate with weapons. The first three seasons were and they were the best seasons as well. The show has now basically become a parody of itself.

  17. In Carol’s “shootout” nobody’s gun had any “firing action” when shooting and was also not ejecting spent shells. That’s not just little to no recoil that’s complete lack of knowledge about how guns work

  18. Yes let’s teach MORE Americans how guns actually work, then they can all grab corner rooms on the strip in Vegas and go to town with assault rifles.

  19. I just kept wondering why Carol didnt just shoot the tires on the vehicle with the guns in the back, stopping the two men from driving away

  20. I’m still wondering why they didn’t just shoot Negan the moment he walked out on that platform this season’s first episode instead of bantering with him.

  21. The shooting of the windows at a 45° angle was the most ridiculous. No one other than those stupid enough to stand right in front of the window would be hit.

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