25 Replies to “Brutally Honest Reasons Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Should Be Canceled Soon”

  1. Because it’s turned into a slow, boring tv show but seriously, one dude with baseball bat wouldn’t intimidate any1!

  2. It has become slow, seriously Gabriel and Began in a trailer, 2 episodes ago. They should never do a car chase, ever again.

  3. I stand by my statement “I have always thought the walking dead is a horrible and boring show.” PERIOD

  4. I’m still enjoying the show. Yes there isn’t the same impact as the earlier seasons but I find it entertaining.

  5. “Survival horror”. Apparently many of you can’t grasp the genre. Return your heads to your assess so the rest of us can watch in peace.

  6. I think because its not more universal in its look. Too US centric. Need to know what happened to the rest of the world. Cant remember if they touch in this in he comics.

  7. Yes. They need to resolve the crisis (and I do want a resolution, please) and start making babies and forming civilization again. In the final year they can also reestablish contact with the outside world and give us a clue about the global situation. Then fade to black. Good job everyone, now on to other projects.

  8. It’s just a drama that happens to occasionally have zombies in it. Even doing close ups of the zombies now in MJ Thrilleresque style.

  9. I’m getting sick of the good cop bad cop routine for different people through the seasons, they want to kill then they dont want to kill then they do again, Rick and Daryl will be the next ones as Ricks telling people they can live and Daryls just shooting them

  10. i dont think it sux at all, its the drama and relationships, the interactions between ppl that make it interesting. my daughter has not liked the show ever, and when i said 1 month ago, have you ever even watched it? she said no! i told her to watch 2 episodes and then decide, she is know on s6e4! binge watching it for almost 4 weeks now.

  11. Never happened cause it does have a huge fan base and I am one. There would be a huge riot if cancelled.

  12. Funny how everyone was so excited about Negan coming to the show. Yet he’s one of the main problems with it now. He’s just an annoying, tiresome and unbelievable character.

  13. I think it’s run its course, Negan is a crap character , they keep killing of the good characters and keeping the dead wood , the storylines are the same and with it being intrenched in a comic book format there is no way to change it ,I think it needs to closed out

  14. Bunch of people get bullied by bad guy and his mob, they steal their weapons and food. Good guys triumph over bad guys and move on, they meet bad bullies who steal their Suplies again, good guys win and move on etc etc etc ….. oh mow and again they meet zombies

  15. I still enjoy the show but the shock factor of a ‘zombie apocalypse’ has definitely long since gone. I’ve got a number of friends and family who got bored and stopped watching a few seasons back. I’ll stick with it for now…

  16. It need to tell us how and why it all started and look for a natural end. It’s getting predictable and slow. But it’s still entertaining but it’s now not a must watch as soon as possible

  17. Not even going to bother with this click bait trash..show still brings in millions, I have no plans on leaving anytime soon and think this show is hitting the meat of the story now. Watching Rick and company get some much needed vengeance on the saviors is cathartic.

  18. I don’t care for the show that much, but I know others who do.

    Not sure why people can’t live and let live… if you don’t like something, there is no need to try and ruin it for others… just move along and watch what you do enjoy instead. Leave others to their fandom.

  19. My issue has continued to be the moronic decisions made by the characters. Most the time its like it looked dramatic on paper, but in execution its just stupid.

  20. I disagree, I still enjoy the show immensely and will continue to watch. This article is the opinion of the writer, and although other people may agree with it, I’m sure that just as many people still enjoy the show.

  21. They need to deal with the cause of the outbreak. That’s the only way to make the zombies interesting again.

  22. These articles are always written by people that aren’t/weren’t fans to begin with…
    Just another writer with an emotional clickbait.

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