24 Replies to “Ben Affleck confirms plans to quit Batman, looking for “cool way to segue out””

  1. Ben confirms plans to seek attention and be offered more and more money for a role he should have never had

  2. Batfleck out …. Man of Steel 2 not happening , lools like justice league 2 in trouble imo

  3. So it just means that he’ll be part of Justice League part 2, do the Batman solo film and be replaced. Fine by me, he’s not even that good anyway.

  4. How about this: Bruce Wayne gets indicted for tax evasion after his offshore tax havens were exposed by the paradise papers, and he has to sell off all his bat gear to keep out of prison?

  5. Looking for a cool way out. Very simple. I’ll explain. Just quit. Walk away. That’s it. That’s about as cool as you can get Ben.

  6. Chris Lighthiser can you confirm this? And if Brett Rattner doesn’t step down no Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman anymore…

  7. I know it’s been quite limited, but I enjoy Affleck as Batman. It’s a different take. An older Batman.

  8. he’s sick, I read that. don’t know if that’s true but in the last move I saw him in he was wearing a wig .so..?????

  9. He’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he doesn’t know, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out. Wish making up his mind would stop making headlines.

  10. Wish he would learn, his brand of ‘cool’ stopped selling years ago, just go away, I can try to forget.

  11. Well he’s no Chris Evans, Robert Downey jr., Chris Hemsworth…because we all know those guys quit after a couple of movies.

  12. I like him as Batman well enough, but I am getting tired of this on again off again game. He just needs to let it go and they need to find a good solid replacement.

  13. I reiterate my comment here I made on the Newsarama page about this.

    Perfect story. Batman fighting Ra’s al Ghul, gets mortally wounded, placed in Lazarus Pit, comes out younger. Problem solved!

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