19 Replies to “Amazon to Adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings”

  1. As someone who has very mixed feelings about the movies, I’m excited but also nervous about what amazon will do to my favourite book.

  2. The Silmarillion might be an interesting TV show. I’d like to see Middle Earth in the First Age.

  3. So we had over 9 hours (theatrical release) of story on this, which covered a goodly portion of the story. Yes, left some things out, hurried through others, but seriously, 9+ hours. And then the extra releases, bonus content stuff. So what, they gonna get a new cast and make up new filler for the in-between stuff? It’s been told. Find something ORIGINAL!!! There’s a ton of great authors out there, if they want to make a good medieval fantasy show, there is plenty of material available, why re-hash LOTR again?

  4. Given their snobbery of the Jackson films, Tolkien’s estate must be having conniptions.

  5. Worried at the begining with the idea of a new adaptation of LOTR, but it’s a pequel and that sounds so much better

  6. People need to stop calling this a Lord of the Rings adaptation. That’s a specific timeframe in the Tolkien writings.

  7. Nobody will watch save for nerds. Game of Thrones has mass appeal not just dorks watch it lol

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