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  1. Harry Angelo Aswalia I’d say what they’ve done here is mistaken an assembly line reject from the Twiglet factory as a bone fide stick.

  2. It’s actually a digital representation (or picture) of a twig, branch, stick, stick bug, foliage appendage or magic wand…and also not a boomerang.

  3. Sheesh!!! Anyone with functioning eyes can see that this is Groak, Groot’s second cousin, once removed; there was an…”incident”…when he was young.

  4. Ahhh yes, 7 and 1/4 inches with a phoenix heartstring core.. very light and supple, I would say judging by the somewhat pliable nature and radiating feeling of darkness that it belongs to a wizard in the house of slytherin no doubt

  5. What’s your point? What are you trying to prove? Are you trying to prove you’re better than the rest of us? Hmm…Pretty soon you’ll be trying to tell us an apple is a banana!

  6. I’m outraged! How do you know that it identifies as a stick? Maybe it identifies as a branch, a twig or maybe even pan-timber.

  7. Well you’re wrong. I won’t argue. There. See! That’s just the typical wrong-headed rubbish I’d expect from someone on the internet, but I’m onto you. You won’t be getting a mindless, endless rant from me. No sir. No way!

  8. It’s not brown enough. Sticks from the old days where better , you knew where you where with a good 1970s brown stick.

  9. It’s a HW 57 rifle. Comes with the ability of invisibility and “not it”. Kills enemy instantly. Has 110% accuracy.

  10. Twig, Stick, Branch?! Who are we to put labels on this? Its an independent entity and it has its own rights to choose what it wants to be without anyone elses perceptions! 🙂

  11. That’s not a stick. When I was growing up that was a fine example of a vintage ‘Cowboys and Indians’ gun.

  12. Using innocent twigs/sticks/branches for your own propaganda is an international outrage! I’m disgusted you’re hiding behind an arboreal shield in this way!

  13. This is not a stick. It was a living peice of a tree called a branch. If you cannot understand the diference i mean oh my gawd unbeleivable.

  14. Did you just assume it’s identity? People like you are the problem with the world today. Hasn’t the foliage community endured enough from us? For thousands of years we’ve been cutting them down, not ever once considering their feelings or how it effects their self worth. Now here you are calling this twig a stick.

  15. Every comment before this is the reason society is in the place it is…..i love it that we can all recognise it 🙂 Also, this is clearly a twig.

  16. No no no!!!! This stick was cut off a tree from my yard!! How dare you and bill jump into my yard and cut it off!!! First of all its not yours so back off!!! Oh i see really!! Step up to me billy!! I have called the police !!

  17. I feel like putting this stick on display as if it were a mere object, Though once a growing and thriving tree, is to marginalize it and its fellow twigs in a way that can only lead to eventually violence and profuse smoldering.

  18. It was a part of a tree (crying) and you just ripped it off and you just (crying) placed it there for everyone to bully and judge (crying)…………where’s my coloring book 😢…………………

  19. It’s not a stick.

    It’s a part of a tree who’s opportunity was cut short by the click bait who invented this meme .

    A foundation for all dead sticks who’s lives have been cut short by mans inhumanity

    For shame

    Gardeners are masochistic ugly excuses for a human.

  20. we need to build a wall, to ensure our nations safety against rogue stick use by evil people. anyone who argues is obviously a covert rogue stick user.

  21. “Well here it is. The reason why humans and elves are in a never ending war. The relic for which human and elf are willing to die for…” -Grand wizard which i beat in a day and half yay

  22. It’s here under false pretences, seeking our rich fertile soil and moist conditions so that it can spread it’s twiggyness.

  23. No obviously this is deer leg apparatus. How can anyone not see the hoof on the bottom and the hip/body joint connection… we really need to just simply have these banned because it takes the fun out hunting and makes red lights go longer at intersections. I hate RC pop not RC cola…there’s a difference…and its pop not soda, cola, or even soda pop, just simply soda…get it together people really

  24. noooo, that not a stick but a part of a branch which is part of a tree sooooo dad gommit who the funck cut the tree and whyyyyyy ??!!! if you wanna prove something you got it and if youre ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble my opinion as a free human bla bla bla bla nla…. funck it. is not like you said. still manny ppl w common sens a ethics and morals. they are keeping this world still working. find them !

    in order to become smart your “oponent ” must be smarter than you.

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