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  1. Well I think I have been facing that for a while now – trying to keep my head above water while fighting against bigotry of all kinds

  2. Actually, in the particular version Kirk had to deal with, I probably would have cheated too. That situation wasn’t very fair

  3. Yeah, I face my Kobayashi maru every day, just got to keep going and win, even if it means cheating

  4. The United States has never faced the no-win scenario. Until now. Now, who’s gonna sacrifice themselves and go in there and fix this mess?

  5. And I’ll cheat like Kirk did. He got a commendation for original thinking. So at least starfleet approved of his tactics.

  6. Aye . .We’re not leaders until we fail and get back up and go again..and again ..and again…. . It’s the Wins AND Fails and learning to take all that and think outside of that infamous ‘box’ that make us complete. Excuse run-on. Peace All…Godspeed to your journeys.

  7. May I take the test from the shuttle bay? You know, the lighting is better there and… What?!?

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